December 30, 2013

Netscaler Insight Center - Overview/Licensing

NetScaler Insight Center is a virtual appliance that collects and analyzes traffic information flowing through NetScaler appliances and presents the information as meaningful reports. What's great about Netscaler Insight is that it's a free product, based on your current Netscaler Licensing.

Netscaler Insight will fill a gap in monitoring your Citrix infrastructure: Visibility into applications served by
NetScaler appliances, including XenApp/XenDesktop and Web applications.

Two types of data will be collected using App Flow technology built into the Netscaler: Web Insight and HDX Insight

  • Web Insight: Provides visibility into web applications and allows IT administrators to monitor all web applications being served by NetScaler appliances.

  • HDX Insight: Provides administrators of Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop environments with an easy way to monitor the users and performance of the applications hosted on those products.

Example: HDX Insight ICA RTT Latency

Netscaler Licensing

Web Insight: All Licensed editions of Netscaler have access to Web Insight Data. Note Netscaler version 10.0 and above (Platinum) and 10.1 and above Standard/Enterprise

HDX Insight: See chart below. Note: Netscaler version 10.1 or above.

HDX Insight
5 Minutes
60 Minutes
1 Day
1 Week
1 Month



NOTE: HDX Insight reports can also be integrated with Desktop Director. However, these reports are generated only for Platinum editions of XenApp or XenDesktop.

Features and Benefits

  • Monitor and help improve performance of web applications being served by the NetScaler appliance (Web applications are served by content switching and load balancing virtual servers) 
  • Monitor XenApp and XenDesktop users 
  • Monitor performance of apps hosted on XenApp and XenDesktop 
  • Identify problem areas without accessing individual devices 
  • Identify user experience with respect to client-side parameters 
  • Know the top applications accessed by clients 
  • Track peak usage 
  • View the performance of applications in the last 5 minutes, 60 minutes, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month 
  • Identify URL-specific information

Note: As of this writing, Netscaler Insight is available as a Virtual Machine on XenServer and ESX. Hyper-V is not currently supported.

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