December 22, 2013

Install Sharefile Outlook Plugin on XenApp/XenDesktop

To implement the Sharefile Outlook plugin for all users, or perhaps in XenDesktop or XenApp, there’s a bit of work to do on a few fronts. Some of the options are configurable via Group Policy, some are configurable
via the .msi installation using option switches, and some are only configurable via a short chat session with Sharefile.

  • Set your Group Policy options
  • Install using command line switches
  • Contact Sharefile support for optional default settings

Set your Group Policy options

  • Create an adm template or use Group Policy Preferences
  • Registry location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\Sharefile\SSO
  • Options are
    • Method (authentication)
      • standard: Username/password are entered into the setup wizard
      • saml-basic: Uses saml provider to authenticate users to ShareFile using their domain username/password entered into the setup wizard 
      • saml-integrated: Uses saml provider to authenticate users to ShareFile using Windows credentials
      • receiver: Uses Receiver authentication to sign a user into ShareFile
    • Subdomain
      • i.e. rightsys
    • Domain
      • i.e.
    • Configurable
      • 0: Not configurable by end users
      • 1: Configurable
Note the subdomain and the fact it is grayed out
  • We used the following entries to create an adm template when setting up at rightsys:

                            Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Install the plugin: There are two install options

  • Executable: Downloadable from your Sharefile account under the Apps tab. Suitable for standalone installations

  • MSI: Downlodable from your MyCitrix account. Suitable for XenApp/XenDesktop/SCCM installations

With the MSI install there are 3 optional switches to help you simplify your installation

  • UPDATE - Determines whether the plug-in uses the automatic update service or not as new versions are released.
    • Options: 0 off, 1 on
    • Default is Off
  • USER - Determines whether the plug-in installation is for the current user or for all users
    • Options: All or Current
    • Default is Current
  • DOTNET4 - Determines minimum version of the .NET Framework to support
    • 0 for .Net 2 or higher, 1 for .Net 4 and higher
    • Default is .Net 2 or higher

When we performed the installation at Right! Systems we did so using SCCM with the following command line:

          msiexec /i "\\Path_to_plugin\ShareFile_Outlook_Plug-in_2.1.21.msi" UPDATE=0 USER=ALL

Contact Sharefile Support
There are a couple settings that you'll want configured and the only way to have them configured for every user is to set them with the assistance of Sharefile support

  • Log into your Sharefile account and go the the Help menu
  • Request a Chat session
  • Inform them you wish to set the following two settings pertaining to the Attachment Policy
Note again the settings are grayed out. You don't have to set these. Again, they are optional.

You're done. Run a couple test installs to validate your settings!

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