March 9, 2016

Resize PVS Disk Image quickly

First thought, this is going to be a time consuming, reverse imaging pain. Well no....not really. It's pretty quick, simple, painless and FREE utilizing Diskpart.

In the PVS Console, merge the image to a new Base to remove all Maintenance versions.

In Windows Explorer make a copy of the Disk and it's associated .pvp file, and name the files accordingly. Don't delete the original yet, let's make sure all goes well.

On the PVS Server launch an administrative Command Prompt

Run the following commands

  • diskpart
  • Select vdisk file: ="E:\store\mynew.vhd" 
  • list vdisk 

  • expand vdisk maximum=50000  (note: This is in Megabytes)
  • attach vdisk 
  • list disk
  • list volume 
  • select volume 4 (note: volume number from the 'list vdisk' command) 
  • extend 
  • list volume
  • detach vdisk  
  • exit

At this point your expanded vDisk is ready for use. Return to the PVS console and import the vDisk as you normally would. Once you validate the new vDisk is operating properly it is safe to delete the old vDisk.

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