January 15, 2015

Right! Systems achieves all 3 Citrix Specializations!

The Right! Systems Citrix team has achieved all three new Citrix Specialization certifications, an accomplishment that as of this time, has been duplicated by only a handful of companies in the world. RSI is now the only Platinum Citrix Solutions Provider in the Pacific Northwest and the only to have any Specializations, let alone all three! 

Specializations achieved:

Networking: Matthew Allen
Virtualization: Rene Reighard
Mobility: Preston Gallwas

What does Citrix Specialization consist of

Getting a specialization requires a Citrix partner to  have a number of staff holding the latest Citrix technical certification – Citrix Associate. Citrix Professional and Citrix Expert. RSI currently has 7 certified Citrix engineers, five of which hold the highest level of certification (CCE-V).  A partner
also needs to obtain a Certificate of completion in Citrix Services Best Practices in four areas: Leveraging Citrix Sales Tools and Demos; Citrix Consulting Methodologies; Thinking like a Citrix Support Engineer; and Citrix Certified Sales Specialist.

Another required element, which has been practiced by other vendors, but which is entirely new for Citrix, is proof of customer satisfaction for a deployment. A partner fills in a survey about implementation which generates an email to the customer to validate partner information. Three customer validations are required for each area of specialization. 

Last, and perhaps most important, a new concept for Citrix is the Completed Specialist Practicum, the most time-consuming component for partners. Each practicum tests skills around the solution in three separate areas: Design, Deployment, and Management. Certified individuals should be able to demonstrate design and implementation competency in alignment with Citrix leading practices. 

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